FOR SALE – 48 Stunden Neukölln, 24-25 June 2016

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Image by Helin Bereket.

Late Nights In Squat Bars present FOR SALE, a group show at 48 Stunden Neukölln featuring visual art, sound, photography and film on the topic of commodity culture.
Zara Verity Morris, Helin Bereket, Gelya Bogatishcheva, Mary Beth Volker, Ana van Ferdez and Late Nights In Squat Bars.

Venue: O.T. Projektraum, Weichselstr. 55, Neukölln

Open: Friday and Saturday, 7pm – midnight.

Live performance by Late Nights In Squat Bars: Fri & Sat, 9pm.

Free Entry!


More on the artists:

Late Nights In Squat Bars: Buy Consume Me! In this week’s show our trusted hosts give you a good dose of everything you need to get through your consuming day. From fashion and cooking advice to traffic updates and current events, you’ll be well equipped for your consuming success!
Late Nights In Squat Bars are a performing and curating duo. FOR SALE is their 3rd group show at 48 Stunden Neukölln.

Helin Bereket: Instaglam is a project about the role of photography in one of the biggest social media platforms. It questions how the people choose to present themselves online and the motivation behind watching the semi-fictional version of other people’s lives.
Helin Bereket is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with a focus on photography, interior design and 3D design.

Zara Verity Morris: Her small comic Enough Already! folds out to reveal a series of short interlinking stories. These tales portray actual events from her life; conversations with friends or colleagues as well as chance meetings on the street. The comic’s panels take the shape of a pictorial brainstorm, and are an attempt to order the artist’s own thoughts on belonging.
Zara Verity Morris draws, paints and makes sound pieces. Previous works exhibited at 48 Stunden Neukölln include images for the interactive installation VoicedOver (2015).

Gelya Bogatishcheva: Sold Out – a short story of souls being sold to ideology told through photographic works.

Mary Beth Volker: Soul For Sale uses samples of advertisements mixed with live music on the subject of selling one’s soul.

Ana van Ferdez*: The Intrinsic Value of Mayonnaise is a piece about the self-materiality of media as the last possible content.

Image by Helin Bereket.