Thanks to all the artists and audience members who made Restriction / Restraint / Rebirth the success it was!

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RESTRICTION / RESTRAINT / REBIRTH – 21 – 24 Nov 2013, Berlin.

Featuring: Twilight Claps & Thunders, AK Gang, Karina Griffith with Ian Douglas-Moore, Maya Dalinsky, and Late Nights In Squat Bars.

Ten artists explore the edges of comfort zones and strange environments. Recreating themselves through music, sound installation and film, challenging restrictions, facing the unknown and overcoming restraints placed on them by the all-seeing eye of the status quo.



Thursday 21 Nov, 8:30pm at Sowieso (Weisestr. 24, Neukölln):

TWILIGHT CLAPS & THUNDERS – 8mm film and synchronized magnetophone tape performance

Twilight Claps & Thunders (Kate Donovan & Ryan Karolidis) made a performance series utilizing found film and tape. Each piece consisted of 3 or 4 films and tapes, which were re-composed and integrated to form new narratives, structure and rhythm. The intention was to synchronize the sound and the image… but analogue media, and human error, means that no two showings of these pieces will ever be the same. For the first time, all three pieces of this series will be shown together: “Moulded Memories,” “Gendertroubles” and “Lesson 3.” Including a special performance using film as live score for musicians.

Resound – THE AK GANG – a performance of the Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Aram Khachaturian

In this performance of a classical trio (for piano, violin and clarinet), the AK Gang are forced out of their usual performance environment, and beyond their usual performance practices. What are the ‘codes’ of classical music performance, in practice, staging, dress – and what happens when you change or eliminate these factors? This performance aims to re-create the performance experience, for both the performers and the audience, away from traditional restrictions and restraints. What happens when norms of behaviour are removed? Are new restrictions and restraints organically created? What is the audience’s experience of the (classical) music when the codes of classical performance are changed, or simply, gone?

Friday 22 Nov, 9pm at Pony Royal (Siegfriedstr. 12, Neukölln):

GITARRENUNTERRICHT – an installation and performance by KARINA GRIFFITH with IAN DOUGLAS-MOORE

Gitarrenunterricht invites the public to join in a lesson with filmmaker Karina Griffith and guitarist Ian Douglas-Moore. The second in her “Unterricht” series, the artist this time exposes her fear of performance. Accompanied by video and film installations, the guitar lesson is one hour and is open to the public. Musicians of all levels are encouraged to bring their instruments and participate. Griffith acknowledges that phobias are cultural. Conversely for the artist, to “fail” is as frightening a prospect as to “succeed”, as success in performance for a Black woman fulfils stereotypes of the “Entertaining Negro”. Griffith’s performance is constantly shadowed by the perplexity of “appropriating Blackness”, and her country/calypso influences both verify and call into question the authenticity of the Black author.

ROOM G24 – audio installation by ROSANNA LOVELL

In this audio installation, the listener is invited into the private space of the classical musician – the practice room – where they explore and perfect their art form, of mastering their own instrument, and also the classical works that they play in orchestras. Through a series of short recordings by one musician (music and spoken word), the artistic process is observed, recorded and exposed. The listener is invited to re-consider, and newly understand, what classical music is, as they hear it.

Saturday 23 Nov, 9pm at Madame Claude (Lübbenerstr. 19, Kreuzberg):


Dancer and performer Maya Dalinsky presents MC Rantaroke, a homage to her favourite hobbies: reading and analysing online blog comments, making uninhibited, endless speeches for friends, and Karaoke.


Indytronic dance jammers Late Nights In Squat Bars have created new electro hop dance works specifically for Restriction / Restraint / Rebirth, inspired by the themes of the festival. LNISB track and re-track concepts of progression and growth and the push and pull of influences that control us and which we are seemingly in control of.

Sunday 24 Nov, 10pm at Del Rex (Ringbahnstr. 29, Neukölln):

We celebrate the closing party of the festival at Del Rex – Neukölln’s new location. Featuring DJs and a site-specific analogue installation by TWILIGHT CLAPS & THUNDERS.


Festival programme in German and English (drag to desktop to save).


Your hosts, Late Nights In Squat Bars. photo by Neal James.